1. All orders are subject to acceptance and availability of the goods ordered.
  2. Free delivery within the Gauteng region.
  3. COD/EFT until an account is approved.
  4. All additional repairs or parts required will only be carried out after a quote is authorised.
  5. Goods and services are invoiced at the price prevailing at time of acceptance of order.
  6. Title in the goods does not pass to the Customer until payment is received in full by CANCO.
  7. Upon delivery of the goods, the Customer will be asked to sign a Proof of Delivery to acknowledge safe receipt.   It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the number of packages delivered corresponds with the number stated on the delivery note. Where a discrepancy occurs or where there is evident damage to the packaging, this should be noted on the Proof of Delivery.
  8. CANCO shall not be liable for discrepancies or damage evident on delivery where the Customer accepts delivery and signs the Proof of Delivery without amendment.